Want to globalize your business? Some tips to consider…

Want to globalize your business? Some tips to consider…
Are you thinking about how to expand your business and reach new customers? You should consider translating some of your business assets. Doing so can help you reach a whole new audience and tap into previously unreachable markets.
1. Choose the right language set
To get started, you must first select the languages you want to translate your content into. English to Spanish, English to German, English to French? Or All? Make sure you take into consideration the different language variations. If you are approaching France, for instance, you must use French EU translations while if you are targeting the Canadian market, you should work with Canadian French translators who will be able to adapt the content to the specific market required; in this example, to France or Canada. Some thing happens with the Spanish language. This is also a language with many variations and dialects. You will have Mexican Spanish, Spanish from Spain, Latin America Spanish. Same with the Portuguese language. You will have Portuguese from Portugal and Portuguese from Brazil. And so on. Make sure you ask about these factors as they are crucial when marketing abroad.
2. Choose the right assests to translate
You’ll need to make a plan regarding the assets to be translated. Think about all the touchpoints your business has and decide what’s most important to translate.
You may consider the following:
Company website : Your company website is your client interface. You may want to consider translating that into the target language. Are you a law office? Hire a legal translator! Are you a manufacturing plant? Hire a technical translator! Make sure you have your content validated by your internal staff before being sent for translation to avoid time consumption and additional costs.
Software: if your business has a software, consider localizing it to make more user friendly on a global scale for your clients.  Localization is a specialty since there are many things that need to be addressed for each language such as graphics having enough room for text expansion; changes to data units, telephone numbers, date formats and capitalization; and adapting the software for right-to-left languages such as for the Arabic language and Hebrew language.
Technical Documentation: It may be useful for your customers to have technical documentation, such as “Getting Started” guides or brochures, operation manuals or online help translated into their local languages. Writers often use programs such as Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe InDesign, Madcap Flare or Microsoft Word to develop content. Of course, if you’re going to translate your technical content, you want to make sure your customers are reading it.
Marketing Content: Marketing content ranges from campaigns to brochures to social media messages and content for your website. If you need marketing translations, make sure your team has experience with transcreation. Unlike other types of translations, marketing translations require a certain level of creativity as with this content, the message is more important than the words themselves.
3. Budgeting
Once you have determined your target markets, your language sets and your assets to be translated, you must choose a translation agency or translation services provider to determine your costs. Each language pair and asset has its own costs as prices vary depending on many factors such as language pairs, volume, formatting, etc. You should choose the translation agency or translation services providers that are abel to provide the highest quality translation standards and methodology to make sure your business is presented correctly.  
4. Long term partnership with translation services providers
Your language services provider of your choice should not only be able to help you get started translating your content, but also educate you along the way and provide tools and resources to make the process efficient.
And if you’re still lost in the translation, you are one phone call away! Just contact Us for additional clarification!

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