Industries We Cover

Legal Translations – We understand the importance of legal translations, therefore our legal translations are carried out by translators with legal background and legal education.  Whether we are translating a legal contract or a patent, our highly experienced legal team will deliver the best quality in record time.

Technology & IT Translations- Translation AZ provides technical translations for various hardware and software developers, for IT materials, user guides and user manuals. We understand the world of technology and therefore our translators are highly experienced in this field while focusing on quality technical translations

Medical, Pharmacology and Life Sciences Translations– Translation AZ is committed to providing best medical translations using medical translators with high experience in the medical field. Our team of medical translators & researches has developed a database with medical terms & acronyms thus helping to speed up the translation process and increasing quality of translations.

Financial Translations- Translation AZ understands the compliance regulations that financial institutions worldwide must meet when communicating with their clients or partners.  Our team of financial translators is focused on quality translations while adapting financial translations into their respective markets.

Hospitality & Travel Translations– Maybe the nicest translations of all! It takes our translators worldwide while translating for airline companies, hotels, restaurants, resorts, cruise lines, rental agencies. We own a database of translators experienced in this field who have dedicated time and passion for researching correct terms while adapting them into the appropriate market context.

Industrial & Manufacturing Translations- With more than 6 years in supporting industrial and manufacturing companies, Translation AZ provides support for aerospace, aviation, industrial equipment, chemical, machinery and other related fields. Our translators are specialized in technical translations, with special focus on technical terms and accuracy.

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